Tatami Back Cushions

Perfect for addtional back support for the sofa or just about anywhere at home, in the office or while driving.

Perfect Combinations

Couple the Lumbar Cushion with any of our Tatami Futon Sofas for an ideal back and neck support.

The Tatami Ankleroll is best suited for propping your tired feet up while you cool down after an exercise or yoga regime with our Tatami Futon Mattresses or Mats.

The Chaperon Cushion is touted to be the most exceptional back cushion for the office chair.

Optimize the sitting area of a wall-to-wall platform setup with the independent Tatami Backrest for a cozy leaning space.

Pair the Chaperon Cushion (with fabric borders) with a Legless Chair or with your existing leather sofa for a cool back support.


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