I attach a photo of my 2 children enjoying the room as a focal point for play and family time before bedtime. They love the room very much, and my daughter affectionately refers to it as the "tami room".


"Brilliant very robust and long lasting it's a beautiful long term addition to the living room."

-John Mc Cann-


The reason for the recent purchase was because my hubby happened to use it once over the night when he was experiencing some neck aches. I offered my pillow hoping to relieve him of the ache. He slept well that night (maybe too well). When he sheepishly swop it again on the third night, I decided to buy him his OWN Tatami pillow since I am now been deprived of my sleep.

-Judith Tan-

"I love my new pillow and I love the smell, so relaxing"

-Michelle Soza-

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